The EL3 Motion Material Collection
ENHANCED, Dritan™, FSDX Laundered Nubuck PrimaLoft®
1.2 – 1.4mm

Dritan™, lightweight, ultra soft,
thermo regulating, recycled material, nubuck

With FSDX PrimaLoft® leather you get an elevated level of comfort and performance. This high performance and plush memory nubuck leather, delivers enhanced breathability and warming properties. With the addition of a laundered look, this leather has a casual and relaxed appeal.
Boonie Hat
by Kseniia Sofianatos
ENHANCED, Dritan™,
FSDX Soft Dyneema®, Ultra Matt
Technical Sweatshirt
by Kseniia Sofianatos
ENHANCED, Dritan™,
FSDX Soft Dyneema®, Ultra Matt
Shell Jacket
by Rob Boyd
ENHANCED, Dritan™,
FSDX Nubuck Ripstop Indigo
EFFECT, Dritan™
FSDX Heat Sensitive Ripstop
FSDX Soft Dyneema® Ultra Matt
EFFECT, Dritan™, FSDX Heat Sensitive Ripstop 0.4 – 0.6mm

Dritan™, lightweight, ultra soft, breathable, ultra matt, thermochromic, high resistance/strong

Leather withstand a high level of wear and tear in its authentic weight and thickness. In order to produce a lightweight leather with the physical strength of a regular or thick leather, fusing lightweight leather with a lightweight ripstop material has produced a new material with uncompromised durability. Like a Chameleon, whose skin changes according to their surroundings, this breathtaking leather challenges the limitations of conventional optics, and shifts colour as the temperature changes.
Soft Nubuck
0.5 – 0.7mm
Dritan™, lightweight, breathable, ultra soft, ultra matt

The base of this leather is our new ultra-soft technology (UST™) tanning process developed to create the most cushiony, rounded and soft leathers. The micro perforations on this lightweight leather allows breathability, increasing airflow and moisture transfer. This creates a perfect flexible material for movement. A contemporary variation is created with a super modern ultra matt finish.
Utility Vest
by Jaimus Tailor
ESSENTIAL, Dritan™, Soft Ultra Matt Mesh
ESSENTIAL, Dritan™, Soft Ultra Matt
ESSENTIAL, Dritan™, Soft Nubuck
ENHANCED, Dritan™, FSDX Ripstop Ultra Matt
Rob Boyd is part of the design team at SOAR, a brand that specialises in high-performance running wear. With a background in sportswear specifically, he has also leant his ideas and expertise to numerous brands over the course of his still-young career, in numerous ways: from design to styling to consultancy. At the heart of his practice – whatever form that takes – lies a deep appreciation not only of the technical and functional considerations of sportswear, but the wider (sub) cultural impact that such apparel and footwear continues to have.
The fashion world. The creative industries. Call them what you will, but for many young people with an urge to work in [them], they can often exist in the realest terms as cliquey, closed-off brands and agencies filled with vaguely defined roles and even vaguer career paths. What cuts through? Conviction in what you think you can bring to the table; a matter-of-fact ability to cut through the noise – to forge a path whatever shape that path happens to take.
Rob Boyd, you quickly realise, is doing a pretty good job of cutting through. At 26 years old, he’s already held down design roles with brands such as adidas (specifically the Yohji Yamamoto-head-ed Y-3 line) and currently works as lead design-er at the premium running apparel brand SOAR.
Kseniia Sofianatos creates uniquely functional clothing ‘solutions’ under her Functional Cloth-ing Lab guise. Working from her studio in Athens, Greece, she has built a cult following for her unique approach to design, one that echoes elements of DIY and MYOG (Make Your Own Gear) communities around the world, while also resisting any vague or reductive grouping. From rainy-weather cycling gear to mountain-ready thermal layers, her output is as effective as it is intuitive, as good-humoured as it is carefully refined.

Functional clothing: from the outdoorsy excursions seen on recent ‘high fashion’ runways, to the iconic heritage of brands that have been synonymous with the actual great outdoors for decades or more, it’s a term that does an awful lot of heavy lifting for a vast spectrum of different wardrobes. At its heart though, the growing interest in functional clothing could be seen to represent a shift towards seeing apparel less as trends to be consumed and more as solutions to be tested. To be tried ‘In Real Life’, whether office-based and ur-bane or up against environments more bracingly exposed to the elements.
Jaimus Tailor is a multi-disciplinarian artist and designer based in London. Originally training as a graphic designer, his practice is increasingly focused on items of upcycled clothing, accessories and other objects that he creates as Greater Goods. Every item is constructed from old existing items – given new forms, new functions and, ultimately, new life. Greater Goods has been widely covered by the likes of Hypebeast, and has led to collaborations with brands such as Arc’teryx and Story MFG.

When the video conference call connects, Jaimus Tailor is sitting surrounded. Two rails stuffed with clothing loom up and over him on either side: pressed almost up against his shoulders and into the foreground of the screen; stretching towards the far end of the room as far as the webcam can make out. It seems fitting, and more so when he gestures to the hanging clothes just a couple of minutes into the call. “You can probably see this room is basically like a big wardrobe,” he says. “I’m driven by curiosity, and I’m learning as I go, so I really like to get hold of items and try to reverse engineer them… The more you cut things up, the more you see how things are put together.”
A 9,000-year-old tanning process, entirely transformed by a non-traditional approach. Artisanal craft pushed towards new frontiers. A challenge to the status quo. Large scale manufacturing combined with a disruptive, creative mindset. Innovation fueled by the people we work with. the idea and the execution, the process and the end-product. The past, present and future of everything we do. EL3 is leather taken to a place that has no limits to a bold new dimension, it is the blueprint for the future of Natural materials

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